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Welcoming Shanti Mohling to the Practice in May 2021!

I started NWEPS 3.5 years ago, and when I started I wasn't sure it would work. I knew I could deliver outstanding care to patients, but the out-of-network model was unproven in the Oregon market. Well, it turned out I was worried for nothing. In the past three years, patients have clearly shown that they value our practice model and my ability to help them, and we have developed a significant backlog both in surgery and consultations, with patients not only from our immediate area but also from around the country and internationally as well.

I could not be happier with the success of my practice, but we have been so busy that I have started to work harder than I would like to meet the demand. I started to think about bringing in an associate, but knew it would be difficult to find the right person.

I am absolutely committed to providing the best possible care for endometriosis and pelvic pain, and it would be hard to find someone who really fit that mission. Such a doc would have to be extremely well trained and skilled in endometriosis surgery, to start. There is no way I would want a partner who I felt could not operate just as well as I could. I truly would want patients to get fantastic and equivalent care no matter the doctor they saw. But more than that, such a doc would have to have the personality to want to operate in my practice, delivering personal care with a high level of service to our patients. There a lot of docs that prefer to have a professional barrier between them and the clients. That's just never been our practices style, so I needed a doc that really wanted to practice our way.

I figured that in the end I would just have to wait until the right person came along. A number of energetic and exciting young MIGS graduates expressed interest, and as honored as I was that they would want to work with me, I know I needed someone more experienced. And then suddenly the perfect person showed up - Dr. Shanti Mohling.

All I can say is that Dr. Mohling is a baller. Trained by Scott Furr in endometriosis surgery, she can really operate. She and I have done many cases together and I have never been anything but impressed with her technique. More than that, she is dedicated to the utmost to improving what she does every day, just like me. She is experienced not only with typical endometriosis excision, but also bowel and thoracic work. She has also worked beautifully with my regular consultant surgeons, who love her as well. She is also very interested in Neuropelveology, and likely will join me soon as one of the few physicians in the country with formal ISON training.

She is also about the nicest person I have ever met. Patients appreciate her skill, but more than that, they love her personality and caring attitude. She truly cares about each of her patients like they are family. I'm a pretty nice guy, but honestly she makes me step up my nice game.

Dr. Mohling has also shown leadership in teaching and education throughout her career. She has been a major player in the American Assocation of Gynecologic Laparoscopists for years, most recently serving as chair of the AAGL Foundation as well as on the Scientific Program Committee for 2019. Like me, she is also a former academic physician, most recently at the Univeristy of Tennessee in Chattanooga.

Dr. Mohling also brings new things to the practice. As a former massage therapist, Dr Mohling has great insights into the biomechanical and muscular reasons a patient might have pain, and will bring this knowledge to bear for our patient's benefit.

I could not be more excited to bring Dr. Mohling in the practice, and hope we have a long and prosperous collaboration for the practice and patients alike.

If you would like to schedule a free phone consult or office consult with Dr. Mohling, she will be available for free phone consults on May 1 2021, and seeing patients in office by May 17 2021.

Dr Mohling can also be found on instagram at @drshantimohling. Check it out!

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Linda Carroll
Linda Carroll
Feb 25, 2023

Dr. Shanti Mohling is the best physician I have ever had. Her clinical expertise and medical knowledge is matched with empathy, wisdom and being a truth teller. A rare combine. We are so lucky she is in Portland.


J Patterson
J Patterson
May 23, 2021

I consider myself lucky to have had Dr. Mohling as my primary surgeon for a laparoscopic TVH and BSO. Dr. Fogelson was the assistant surgeon. People who work in healthcare thoughout their careers seek the best in technical skills, clinical proficiency and bedside manner. As a former critical care nurse, and nurse case manager, fellow RN's are my go to sources for healthcare recommendations as the work side by side in the trenches. Dr. Mohling and I love owls. Flo Nigtingale carried a little owl with her as she made nursing rounds. Why do savvy ladies like owls? Wisdom - of course!!!

. J.F. Patterson ☘️ (retired RN, BSN, MBA).

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