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Dr. Fogelson or Mohling would be happy to review your medical records and get back to you, free of charge*.

Contact Us

Please indicate if you would like to consult with Dr. Fogelson, Dr. Mohling, or the first available NWEPS physician (they're both great!).  If you do not indicate a preference we will assume first available.

For all general inquiries call 503-715-1377

Or fill in our contact form.

We would also be happy to discuss your needs in person. We are located at:


511 SW 10th Ave

Suite 907

Portland, OR 97205

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The primary purpose of the phone or zoom consult is to help to understand if you would like to be a patient of the practice.  If you are local to the Portland area, we encourage you to skip this step and setup an office consult.  Most of our patents have complex issues, and it is difficult to impossible to come up with a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan from a phone or zoom consult alone.  We often provide useful information and may make some diagnostic judgements, but in the end we have to see you for a formal evaluation you to get the full picture of what is going on. 

In general, we reserve free phone consults for patients who have at least some interest in becoming patients of the practice. Due to time constraints, we may not be able to offer a free phone consult to a patient who will be unable to see us for reasons of insurance / distance / etc. Consults for international patients are done at a $300 case review / consult fee.  All in office services are charged services.  We do not provide free in-office consultations.

The services of Dr Zarya Rubin / Functional Medicine are all billed services, as they are primarily consultative in nature.  

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