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Dr. Fogelson featured on KATU AM Northwest!

Last month Dr. Fogelson was featured on KATU's AM Northwest. He spoke with newscaster Helen Raptis as well as AM Anchor (and NWEPS patient) Angelica Thornton about endometriosis and complex diagnosis and treatment. Angelica bravely shared her story and long term struggle to be diagnosed, as well as details and her case and outcomes so far from her surgery.

Along with Dr. Fogelson, ExtrapelvicNotRare founder Wendy Bingham was also featured, as well as Shannon Cohn, director and producer of Below the Belt, her second documentary on endometriosis.

We were so happy to be featured on the show and hope this helps to bring awareness and help more endometriosis sufferers to achieve a rapid and effective diagnosis and treatment.

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