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Tribute Virago

In 2019 I announced that I would be opening a new office. It was supposed to be ready in 3 months. After two different failed leases, 16 months later we are finally open in our new beautiful space.

Over a year ago the amazing Joy Roberts offered to send me an piece of art to permanently display in my office. What an amazing offer it was. That piece of art was under wraps in my closet for almost a year, waiting for the new space to finally open.

I am so happy that Joy's art "Tribute Virago" is finally up in the office. It was created for the Endo Art Expo, but has found its new home in my office. It is a truly astounding work of mixed media, including over 100 pieces of glass each hand signed by a woman with endometriosis. It is in a prominent place in my waiting room, and I couldn't be more proud and pleased to have it, and just so honored that Joy would want it displayed in my office. I have a feeling that many many patients will spend time staring at it and reading the names.

Joy Roberts I cannot thank you enough. It brings me joy to see it, and it will bring joy and hope to women for years to come.

In addition to amazing mixed media, Joy is also a wonderful jeweler, and sells pieces through Etsy at and at her site

We hope that you all enjoy the piece when you come to the new office!

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