Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing

We are happy to announce that we are now able to offer testing for Coronavirus (COVID-19) through our office.  This testing will be run by MicroGen, one of the leading commercial genetics lab in the US.

This testing functions by looking for traces of COVID-19 viral RNA in your sputum / saliva.  It is very sensitive, and should be positive in any person shedding virus.  Because the test does not require deep nasopharyngeal swabbing (the method that was used up to now), this sample can be self collected.

If you are interested in testing, please call the office to setup a phone consult.   If you qualify for testing, we give you e-mail instructions on how to order the test kit to be sent overnight to your house.   The test will include pre-paid return overnight shipping via FedEx.   Results will be sent to our office within 24 hours of arrival to the lab, and we will then call you with your results. 

The cost of the test is $99, plus $10-$20 in shipping fees.  At this time, the lab is not billing insurance.  In theory, COVID-19 testing is fully covered by your insurer without copay or deductible.   As such, you should be able to submit the receipt to your insurer for reimbursement. 

We will require a telemedicine visit prior to ordering testing.  This visit can be billed to your insurance, but as we are out of network this may go to your deductible.   We do not know if insurance companies will end up waiving copays and deductibles for coronavirus telemedicine visits when they are done with out-of-network providers.   The fee for the telemedicine visit is approximately $170

At this time, this testing is only available to patients within the United States.  

If you are interested in testing, please call us at 503-715-1377 or send us an email inquiry.


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